Today's Decision and Tomorrow's Destiny

Your Decision today determines your Destiny tomorrow

“Life is the total of all my decisions you as well as others make along with their corresponding actions”

Have you ever been challenged with making decisions? “What should I fix for dinner?” “What should I wear today?” “Where should I invest my money?” “Who should I marry?” “Where should I go on vacation?” “What career should I pursue?” “Should I exercise?” “What doctor do I select?” “Should we take the job offer?” Some decisions are huge, but others are not so big. So the question is, what is the process we use for making our decisions?

There is many things one must consider before taking decisions, but the most important factor is where our priority lies when we do so. How prioritized are we when it comes to taking decisions? There is much more to this life than just earning a bigger paycheque or improving your status amongst peers. When you make choices, make sure you consider how this decision will affect your spiritual development. Will this draw you nearer to God or further from him? Will this decision interfere with your ability to attend church, maintain godly relationships, or spend time cultivating your spiritual disciplines? If it harms you spiritually, then it is best to pull the plug on that choice. Not only must you consider how this decision will affect your own spiritual development, but you must also consider the affects it will have on the spiritual state of your family. Will this help your family to grow in Christ, or will it interfere with that spiritual growth? Will this pull them away from godly friends and away from a healthy, godly church environment? Will this divide your family in any way? Be careful not to make decisions that will cause your family to pay a big price.

An important element to making good decisions is to make sure that you are completely submitted to God’s ultimate plan for your life. Sometimes we get it into our heads that we want to do a certain thing, and then we struggle immensely when we begin to realize that God may not want us to move forward with that particular choice. The disaster comes when we place our desire above God’s plan. Let us be clear here. That never turns out well. The best decision you can ever make is to submit your choices to God’s plan and be willing to give up an opportunity when you sense God does not want you to move forward with that decision.So as we prepare for the great harvest, let us be careful and prayerful about the seeds we select, because if the seeds aren’t right, what is the point of waiting for a harvest?