Year of Overflow 2023

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Today's Decision and Tomorrow's Destiny

Your Decision today determines your Destiny tomorrow“Life is the total of all my decisions you as well as others make along with their corresponding actions”Have you ever been challenged with making decisions? “What should I fix for dinner?” “What should ...
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And Then The Rooster Cried

“Again, Peter denied it, and at that moment a cock began to crow.” -John 18:27. The above verse is taken from the book of John chapter 18 of the Holy Bible. In John chapter 18, Peter denies Christ thrice, and at the third denial a rooster crows. Depicting...
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The King who remembers my name

“After all, God is God, because He remembers”Do you ever feel like there is a lot going on in your life and nobody seems to care, and everybody just forgot you. And no, I am not talking about the time your friends forgot your birthday or your best friend ...
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